Cannot create a solid form through two loops


I’ve hacked one of the samples to read though a .csv file that contains a list of x,y,z coordinates. My code takes 8 of those points, creates two loops and then I want to turn those two loops into a solid similar to if I selected the loops and clicked on the “Create Form” button on the ribbon.

The image below shows what I have on the left and what I want on the right. Ultimately, I’ll iterate through a large csv file and the mass family will consist of lots of solid forms but for now I just want to get one working.






Here’s the code and the .csv

ImportExport_CSV to Stuff2






Hi Kris,

I think what you had was a good start. From what I could tell, your problem was that the points in your .csv file were not sorted properly beforehand and it was hard for you to organize them into logical groups. I have a few suggestions:




A very helpful tip that I learned from Ritesh Chandawar, was that if you connect a list of points to a watch node, you can select the individual points and see their position in the background canvas:



Another problem is that there are two types of geometry in dynamo: Revit owned (model and reference curves) and Dynamo owned(geometry curves). You converted your points to model geometry and tried to use them into a geometry node. Ideally you’d stick with geometry curves till you finish your design and then convert everything to model geometry. That is because model geometry tends to be quite a bit slower due to all the extra data that Revit tries to load into it.


Tho if you want to use model geometry that is still doable: