Can you open a family with its name?

i am trying to find a way to open a revit family with its name (simple text) instead of using a block to open one family at a time.

Use a get all elements of type (or category) node and then a FilterByBooleanMask node using a == node for the name list and an Element.Name from the families. This should be pretty straight forward.

you can look into the topic on how to use list.filterbyboolmask. it does provide some insight on how you should do from here.

i know it probably is but i have roughly two full days of experience on dynamo and that is just trying things and googling why they dont work. i made another post that summerizes my whole goal with this script im trying to build, this is just another way to do it that would make it so i didnt have to have 260 different code blocks doing the same thing with a different family selected.

i cant use the == node because they have to coincide on the lists. i have a master list of all possible “Product Descriptions” that i want to use dynamo to reference. basically take the 50 different pipe fittings in a project and check them against the list of 200 and see if the product descriptions are right. not sure how to do this since the limited knowledge i have it seems like to compare lists or data they have to be equivalent. is there a way to compare such lists?

Are you trying to do something like this?

In this case, “d1” is a valid description as it is in the other list whereas “d6” is not.

I think I understand what you are trying to do. You have a list of family names and need to get the actual family element but in the same order so that you can do something with it, right? This is one way to do it in node form but may be a little complicated if you are new.

The top left code block would be your list of all families in the project while the middle left code block would be like Family.Name of the top left code block. The bottom left code block would be your master list of families that you have.

How it might look when you are getting the families in the project:

CGartland that is part of what im trying and i think i can incorporate that so thank you.

Kenny i think you do understand what im after but im not understanding you fully so i need to isolate the the families to pipe fittings only. which is by category and i don’t think all elements of category works unless there are instances of that category placed. so i could take the information and get it to a boolean using your method and then i need it to take any that come up as matching the master list of default names to change to matching the master list of my standard names. where i get the disconnect is you are compiling a list of all available families in the top left then the same below that and the master list below that so how would you know if it needs to change? if it doesnt match the master list? and if it doesnt match than how does it know what to change to? i might be way off here sorry if its confusing. i havent tried your graph yet because i dont know how to use the code block nodes quite yet i found the primer and am reading up on it. thanks again for the help.

So another update on this. I got it to load all families and filter out which ones are named correctly or not now i just need to figure out how to select the three incorrectly named families and how to make sure they get the right name. is there a way i can open these three families?

also see the attached for the graph that i am using. you can ignore the purple and blue groups those are potentially useful in later steps.
Rename Product Description.dyn (76.7 KB)