Hello I was trying to filter ceilings in certain level, and tried 2 options, and both of them is not give me incorrect answer, bot are not filtering the ceilings, any advise what I have forgot to add

see attached screen snipping


Try turning on the previews of all your nodes to know exactly with what you are trying to deal with at each moment.

I suspect it is not working correctly that your elements do not have the parameters you are looking for.

The easiest way to do what you want to achieve would be, I guess, to select all the elements at a level, then all the ceilings, then use the List.SetIntersection node

Hi, give a try with List.Contains node (remember to use Cross Product Lacing):

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Hello luca,
I lace (Cross Product) the List.ContainsItem node and I got this ! any help.

by the way I have Dynamo 1.3.2 copy, is this make any difference ?

In the upper graph you are filtering by Ceiling. Try Ceilings
And use StringFromObject to go from Category to just the text string.

With a Flatten after List.Contains should work, or you can play with levels (arrow close to mask > use levels > L2)

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Super its work perfectly

Thanks alot

@omarbsbg great, always a pleasure to help! Please don’t forget to mark the topic as solved :wink: