Can this curve be patched (surface)?

Unable to patch this curve

Thanks in advance

Loft bottom and top curve? Might work?

Not working

The top yellow node needs a list of 2 curves as an input. Use the up and down curve and the flat curve at the bottom. Feed into List.Create node then feed this list into Loft.ByCrosssections node

use NurbCurve instead of PolyCurve


not workingEx1.dyn (138.2 KB) ex1.rfa (484 KB)

The suggestion above is that you reconstruct your Polycurve as a Nurbs Curve.
(You could do so by getting points at regular intervals on the polycurve and using those points as the input for one of the Nurbs Curve nodes )

Here is an example of something similar with code

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as of Dynamo 2.8 - polycurves should be able to be converted directly to nurbsCurves without resampling.


Flatten the list.create node output.

I’m not a fan of converting to NURBS when you want straight lines for parts and non startight lines for other parts. If you can be uniform, why not be?

So I took a moment to document an example of when that aspect of an often misunderstood node becomes the joyful work-around:


Thanks Jacob for ur solution, and for other members for dedicating your time for helping. The great community!

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