How to loft parallel curves

I have parallel curves, I want to loft surface through them. Dynamo fails to loft it. Any idea what can I do?
2022-07-13 10_54_10-AE7 PC - AnyDesk

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@daninet ,

what do you mean with parallel?

I was assuming “CrossSectionCurves” means they need to have a cross section. My curves does not have they are on parallel planes

@daninet when they overlap it can`t be generated

mines do not overlap
surfacelines.sat (18.0 KB)

Please share an image showing your entire graph.

that is my entire graph on the first image I manually selected the lines. In my previous post I have included the lines as a sat file please try to loft them

Ahh I see the problem. You have 9 nurbscurves in your list when there should only be 6.
I manually resorted them.
Good luck.

Loft.dyn (23.7 KB)

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Yup this was it. thank you

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