Request for feedback and example workflow using Curve.ToNurbsCurve with PolyCurve

Hello Dynamo Community,

The Dynamo team would love some feedback on the Curve.ToNurbsCurve node, specifically some example workflows where you might have found it useful (or not) using PolyCurves. Have you been able to convert polycurves to NURBS curves successfully with this node? If so, what are the workflows or downstream operations where you found that the conversion was useful that you would not have been able to do without the conversion?

We look forward to hearing from you with some example graphs if possible and in general about your experience using this node.



The nurbs curves don’t seem to retain curvature
Though the description says degree=3, but they seem to be converted to degree=1

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@Vikram_Subbaiah thanks for the comment. If you increase the render precision in Preferences you will see that the converted Nurbs is in fact degree 3 and tries to maintain the shape of the original Polycurve: