Can texture follow direction of curb?

Hello i am trying to model a curb from a railing family. works so far fine, but i want the texture of the stone on the roadside to follow the direction of the railing. Is this possible? Or wrong forum?

Or any chance to do the 2-stone-curb with dynamo and rotating the texturecoordinates?

You’ll need to adjust the fill pattern orientation (and you’ll need one to change it - and my guess is you haven’t assigned one.
Then you’ll need to split the face or model two separate objects for a change of direction.
Not a Dynamo thing here.

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Thanks, i was afraid of it.
i made a lispprogramm long time ago were i picked 2 Polylines in Autocad and then the texture was assigne along with the direction of the lines. So this looks more realistic in Visualization.
But you are right seems not to be a theme for dynamo.