Can my Dynamo scripts slow my Revit after I have finished and closed Dynamo?

Hi all,
So I have been doing stuff with Dynamo that I have never done before :heart_eyes:. But I have noticed my Revit file has slowed down considerably after a couple of days.
Could this be related to the scripts I have run? If so, what can I do to correct the issue? And, would a script continue to run after closing Dynamo making Revit slow down?

Check your file for error notifications (warnings).
Depending on what the script was, (did you add geometry?)
As you have closed Dynamo, there should be no interaction left that would slow you down.

@Marcel_Rijsmus, Thanks for the prompt reply.
I have not added any geometry. Have transfer some filters between view and type view, created some filters for link file grids, added some worksets, change workset visibility. Small steps for a script designer Huge steps for me :yum:. And don’t remember seeing any error messages.