Dynamo Script is slowing Revit down

I have a Script that get information from a model and use it to create a list of materials which is filled iwth information from a Excel database(950 lines an 13 columns) through a Dictionary by key values, searching for a code in the elements.

It, also, does some extra calculations to add items indirectly in the list. It is working fine, but after runnig it Revit gets really weird. Revit navigation its normal, zoom or rotation, but changing any parameter is painfully slow. I have done test in different computers, and the same thing occurs.

The only thing that solve it is closing Revit and openning again. This is causing some troubles

I am using Revit 2020 dynamo 2.30 .

LM - C - Relatório 1.9.dyn (1.6 MB)

Did you try with Dynamo player?

Yes, same problem. I dont know why, I have found some topic with this problem but aparently without solutions.

I am using Revit 2020 dynamo 2.30

Revit 2020 should have 2.3 I think…try to update the Revit.

Sorry, I am using 2.3 actually.

Well, the only solution that really worked was runnig any other script after the large one.

I’ve made an script that sums 1+1, Running this simple one does something like clering the dynamo memorry or something like that for some reason.

Not ideal, but works

It might be:

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