Can I use Dynamo for Space Planning?

Hi there, I am currently studying MArch Architecture and would like to generate a 3d adjacency diagram for the start point of a design project, potentially including attractors to represent outside influences. Similar to Marc Syp’s example in the attached video. I have limited experience with grasshopper but would like to begin this project using Dynamo as Revit is my 3D software of choice. Could anyone advise if it is possible to achieve the same results using Dynamo as Marc his in his video? Many thanks Marc

An attempt, haven’t yet managed to take it further …




Thank you Vikram.

I looked at 2d diagrams last year. I don’t know much about Dynamo yet so will use this as a starting point to try and understand it a bit more.

I appreciate your help on this and if you have any ideas of how you think this can be taken forward in a 3D sense with additional factors such as the inclusion of attractors, I would love to hear them

Thanks again,


If I was to to extend the above approach forward, for 3D massing, to start with, I’d use spheres instead of circles.

Attractors, might help in generating variations.

Would like to see the direction you take and the progress you make.