Spaceplanning with Dynaspace - Fixed spaces


I want to extend the Dynaspace script that’s currently given on the link here: to work with fixed bubbles / static objects.

Ideally this would represent parts of an existing building that you know you would never change and you want the program / spaces (bubbles) to move around the given fixed space(s).

The way I see this working is the script could be expanded to allow for multiple splines to be selected. One for the boundary, and one for an inner boundary that it has to collide against on the inside. This option would be the most beneficial since it would be easier to place to point and control the shape of the existing bubble perhaps?

The other way is to load in data where some of it could be treated as static objects that move along with the rest of the bubbles at all (like a heavy anchor) and could be placed wherever desired.

I’m in a beginner in Dynamo (read the primer) - no practical applications yet, and have basic grasshopper + python knowledge. Does anyone know how I can extend the script for this use, where it would be best to start and how to go on about it?

Many thanks!


@LongNguyen Any advice :D?


Did you figure out a way to use the existing model and how to read that in Dynamo?