Can i make floor opening for duct by making minor changes in python

Hello Forum,

               I got  a Custom Node to generate wall openings for ducts. 

can i generate the openings for Floors by making minor changes to Python.

Attaching the snapshot of python.

Thank you in Advance.


Can anyone help me?

sometimes it might take more than a few hours for someone to help a user. it is confusing, are you looking for help with your Python node or do you get some errors when you try it?

Thankyou for the reply Mr.@Tom_Kunsman.
I hope by making minor changes we can achieve the floor openings.

For walls we create opening in the direction NORMAL to XZ Plane (or) YZ Plane.

i think thats the reason he added or subtracted the WIDTH & HEIGHT to X and Z Coordinates or Y and Z Coordinates if the directions are in X and Y Respectively.

Coming to Floor openings the opening Direction will be Normal to Only XY Plane.
so, we should add or subtract WIDTH& HEIGHT to X and Y Plane.

i hope this changes( attached python) may happen for floor opening.

As i am poor in Python. im not able to get the output.

im getting error at line 22.

Help me if you can modify the python, so that it will be more helpful for us.

Thank you in advance.


@mrathnakar Please post your dyn, a dummy Revti file and an image of your error?

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Here Comes all attachments all you asked.
error%20messageFloorl Openings - Pipes,Ducts& Cable Trays - Host.rvt (2.4 MB)
Wall Openings - Pipes,Ducts &Cable Trays - Link.rvt (2.6 MB)