Can I do it in Dynamo?

Hello! I’m new to dynamo, relatively new to revit. I want to know if dynamo can help me solve the revit problem and it is worth investing time into. I’m making a parametric furniture in revit, where family types contain yes/no visibility parameter.

Problem 1. Loading this family into another rfa file or project file will not allow me to schedule all the elements of the family model. I could use “shared” family option to partially solve the problem, but furniture would no longer be parametric as shared family can not have dependencies.

Problem 2. I want to be able to schedule only visible elements of the family type but not all the elements of the family.

So I wonder if I could solve the problems using dynamo and automate the process. If yes, then could you suggest some packages and method I would need to use. Thank you!

For problem 1 i don’t fully understand what you mean. Can’t you just link the nested Family Parameters to the host Family Parameters?
(Basicly that is how you make nested Famlies parametric).
Or use the Family Type Parameter?

For problem 2 just use filters on your Schedule? Also only used / visible Families are shown in a Schedule anyway.

I would stay away from Dynamo until you know more about Revit to be honest. It looks like you look for ‘solutions’ with Dynamo already while these ‘problems’ can easily be ‘solved’ (read done) in Revit and without Dynamo.

It is pointless to start with Dynamo if you don’t have a good understanding how Revit works yet.


Hi @daniyar.assylbekov !
You can link nested families parameters if they are instances parameters

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You can also link Type Parameters of a nested Family :upside_down_face:.

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We are talking about shared families, as far as i know, only instances parameters of a shared familiy can be linked.

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This may help: Associate Family Parameters | Revit | Autodesk Knowledge Network


As I believe I understand what you are going after, as its something I do. I will also toss in a suggestions and summary of some of the response you have received. First being welcome to the world of Revit and welcome to Dynamo. There will be a ton of learning involved ! :grinning: :books:

While Dynamo could help with this issue it maybe a null point as there are features already in place to help with things of this nature in Revit. (Not that something couldn’t be cooked up) This path could be dangerous to go down with limited knowledge of Revit (although it may help you learn tons more about Revit and Dynamo)

Using the “Label” feature in families with nested subcomponent families (“Shared” or not) can be helpful for for allowing only active items to show up in schedules. Paired with Associating parameters as @JacobSmall has kindly linked to this should allow for robust parametric families. (Note the linked parameters will need to be the same Shared Parameters or Family Template Parameters in all nested families)

As an example I have 3-5 geometries (Nested Families) for Water Closets in one family, in order to make the family parametric and have it react to type, instance and lookup tables. I have a few formulas and driving parameters for this. Using the “Label” compared to turning on/off Visibility will help remove the undesired sub families from being an “existing” instance in your project model. This method allows for us to have ~16 Types of a Water Closet based of 3 WC Geometries (Wall, Floor or Tank) and 2 Flush Valves (Automatic , Manual or none (for tank type)) with other things like ADA and Chase Clearances being symbolic lines with yes/no visibility instances.

All of it gets more complicated as you decide what is an instance driver and what a type driver should be

The Associated Parameters are then used for scheduling as well. But definitely worth a read on Shared Parameters before you get to far in setting things up (see link for Bim Guru’s great video on the topic)

What you are after is then just a task of controlling Schedules and Filters.

Create a Nested Family with Interchangeable Components | Revit LT | Autodesk Knowledge Network
Mastering Revit Shared Parameters - YouTube


Thank you! I’ll look into dynamo as I get more experienced with Revit

Thank you for the very detailed answer! It helped me a lot :fist:t2:

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