Family Parameter Swap

We have a series of Revit families that have some parameters that control visibility of geometry, it is now required that these parameters need using in schedules so they need converting to shared parameters. I would like to swap the original family parameter for a shared parameter from our shared parameter file. I know this can be done in the family editor by just modifying the parameter and selecting the shared parameter. Unfortunately, there are over 40 of these families that require these parameters swapping. Can this be done using dynamo, as it is the parameters themselves that need swapping and not the values.



In the DanEDU Dynamo Package is nodes for editing families…

try to see here how it can be used.

If your only in need of scheduling them then they don’t need to be shared parameters. An alternative solution might be to create a new project parameter and use Dynamo and an if statement to drive that value so that it’s correct.

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