Null output on Element.Geometry

Hi fellas,
i was using Dynamo on Revit 2019 to collect all ceiling from different linked files using archi-lab pack. After masks the list of the type of ceiling that i need, i try to collect the geometry and then the surface of each ceilings. BUT, the output from the BoolMask linked to the Element.Geometry gives me an error.
Am i missing some piece of the workflow or more??


I believe that since you’re working with linked elements you’ll have to use the node LinkElement.Solids to retrieve them as Dynamo Solids.

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It keeps giving me “null” :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Try the Bimorphnodes package, it might be usefull.

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I’ve also tried with Bimorphodes, but still doesn’t work.
I’m start to thinking that the problem are the ceiling or the version of Dynamo

This is my guess. Well this and the version of Revit.

You’re 2 years out of the support window, so finding the right combination of functioning nodes will require either a time machine or writing your own code.

For what it is worth you should upgrade the project to a supported build ASAP as:

  1. If you get some corruption (ie: too many missing elements) in the file my colleagues in support might not be able to repair it in the older build.
  2. You are missing two years of security patches, including log4* related fixes.