BumbleBee Null Values w/ custom installation location on a network drive

I am having problems getting Bumblebee to work, it will just throw out null values. I took the python node out of the custom node wired it up and ran it to receive an error which states “No module named Bumblebee”. I have the package installed but it is in a custom installation location on a network drive. I am trying to use the latest version 2016.6.30 with Revit 2016 and Dynamo version 1.0 without any luck. I have attached screenshots for reference. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Michael,

Try moving the BumbleBee package to the folder (C:\Users\User name\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\1.0\packages).


It works just fine if I do that but in our office we are trying to keep the packages on our server so they can be managed. I found this post from Konrad which says it should work but I’m having no luck. We haven’t had any other issues until this.