BumbleBee Excel format

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I’m trying to export and colo excel data. But I notice when I use 1 (circled node in blue) for CellRange the exported excel is not colorized as opposed to when I simply use 2 for CellRange – even though both the input strings 1 and 2 are exactly same.


Now that I tried to clean up the graph a bit, the exported excel is not being formatted at all.


As you say, everything looks right, so I wonder if the real issue is the sequencing?

I wonder if the dynamo is trying to format the excel first, then write it… So you don’t see the formatting?

As a test, could you try running 2 graphs, the first writes the excel, the 2nd formats it?

If that works, we could look at combining everything together, probably using a Transaction End node…

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Yes, sequencing seems to be the problem. Used passthrough to get over it. Could you tell me a little more on how different is Transaction.End node from this one?


It might be most easily understood in the context of a Revit Transaction, but I suspect the process is similar for Excel…

So a typical Dynamo graph will stop the Revit ‘Idling Event’ execute a Transaction, and let the Idling Event resume.

The End Transaction node, will instead force the Dynamo graph to execute multiple Transactions (which you can arrange in the sequence you need).

For example it will: 1. Create a view, then 2, Set the properties of the view…

Otherwise the graph would fail, because it can’t set properties for something that hasn’t been made yet, a more fundamental issue than getting the correct flow of data.

Apologies for my poor explanation, but I hope you get the gist. I expect there are also technical errors in my explanation that others will corrrect me on :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the explanation. I think passthrough could achieve the same in a Dynamo graph by its own virtue as a Transaction End typically does in Revit API using C# / Python.


Passthrough is useful to get your data flow in order, but it won’t create the separate Transactions… It depends on the situation.



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