Problems Writing to and Formatting Excel in single Graph

Now that I have Bumblebee properly installed, i am running into a problem. I am trying to send data to excel using the Write Excel node, but I am simultaneously trying to fomat the excel file so the outputted data is easier to read, using the Format Excel node. I’m not trying to do anything too fancy - jast make the headder row have a larger, bold text and grey background.

My first attempt resulted in the data being written, but no formatting taking place. Then i tried adding a passthrough node so that the formatting happened after the writing of the original data. Both Write and Format nodes are set to overwrite with the “run” bool set to true. I tried both the clockwork and bakery versions of passthrough (allowing up to 10 seconds to pass before formatting the cells) and even a custom code block version. Regardless - with any passthrough in place, the graph causes the excel document to be absent of data, but the “header cells” to be formatted as i set them to be.

What am I missing? this shouldn’t need to be two separate dynamo files run one after the next. Thanks!

Thanks for reporting this!

I was able to get that fixed, and you should be able to write/format like you tried above, just download the latest Bumblebee from Package Manager: