Revit to Excel Via Dynamo - BumbleBee Formatting Issue


I am in Revit 2016 and running Dynamo 0.9.2 and I have the following packages:

Archilab, Bakery, Beautiful Soup, BumbleBee, BVN, Clockwork, Lunchbox, Rhythm, SpringNodes

I am working on a script to format cells in Excel based on the concept shown in this post:

I have looked at the BumbleBee primer:

I have filled everything in, yet the script is not working. I am not sure if there are places where I used a code block, but I should have used a string? I tried to close the excel sheet and run the script, but this did not work. I also tried to make sure all of the inputs were given data in as I heard this impacted the script working, but this did not seem to fix the issue.

I also tried to download the files in the other related topic and those did not work for me. Is it my BumbleBee version?

The version I am using in this setup is BumbleBee_2016.2.8

I will try doing this in a higher version of Dynamo and BumbleBee and report my findings.

Let me know your thoughts. Excel-Colored-Data.xlsx (24.7 KB)
2016_09_07_Parameter-Management_Emily_RVT-2016_DYN-9.2 - Color-Export-2.dyn (20.7 KB)

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This also did not work for me in 2017 running Dynamo 1.1.0 and:

archi-lab_2016.5.27, Bakery_2016.9.7, BumbleBee_2016.9.7, BVN_1.1.0, Clockwork_0.90.7, ListContains_0.1.0, LunchBox_2016.7.2, Rhythm_2016.9.7, SpringNodes_100.0.1, SteamNodes_1.0.0

Hi Emily

I am not sure what the problem is with your graph.
As great as Bumblebee and the other packages are, I would suggest an alternative approach:

  • Use 2 Excel files- one to contain the plain data from Revit/Dynamo, and one that does not contain data, but has just conditional formatting.

  • Link the data into the ‘report’ spreadsheet.

This way- you can use the standard Excel conditional formatting tools. When the data updates, you just need to refresh the ‘report’ spreadsheet

hope this helps


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Here’s an example of how this should be set up:

Also a few things to keep in mind:

If you don’t supply FilePath input then this node will assume that you have a session of Excel open and will tap into that session. if you want to apply formatting to a closed session of excel saved on a drive just use a file path node.

With Cell Value Format Condition you can only define Fill Style. At the moment Excel allows to make changes to Text as well but some things are limited so I didn’t bother to enable Text at all. Let me know if that’s a hindrance and I can look at it in the future.

When defining fill style please see this:

I believe you were picking a xlSolid and then feeding in patternColor as well. With solid fill you only need one color and put it into backgroundColor input. When you want to do a pattern fill like diagonal then you need both.

I made a small change to code to handle file paths better so please download the latest version of Bumblebee.

Please post any future requests or bugs to this link:


Hi Konrad,

I’ve tried doing this function on Revit 2016, Dynamo 0.9.2 as well. I wrote an excel file with a Dynamo function, kept it open and then ran this function:

The error “_SingleFunctionObject” is showing on the Watch node and the function didn’t work. Did I do something wrong?
Also, is it better to write an excel file and format it in the same Dynamo file, or have two separate ones? Is it even possible to write and format an excel file in one Dynamo file?

The latest version of Bumblebee is compatible with Dynamo 1.1 and you are clearly using an older one.