Bulk add shared parameters

I have been working on a workflow for a project and I can do it in bits and pieces but I wanted to run it past the group and get some idea if its possible.

We have a rather large project were we are adding a massive amount of type parameters to some existing families. We have a shared parameters file that they exist in. I know that several add-ins exist that will add the parameters to the family but then those families would need to be reloaded into the active project. My current workflow is as follows.

  1. Export all needed families from a project into a folder

  2. Use the Revit Extensions add-in to add the type parameters

  3. Manually reload those families into the project


I have been thinking that I can use dynamo to perform the following task

  1. Read attached shared parameter file

  2. Add parameters as type into placed family instances

  3. Export that family into a folder.

(This workflow would be all one running process)


I am fine with my existing workflow I just wanted to see if it was possible to work from the project out using an existing shared parameter. I know that I can use excel to control and create shared parameters but since I have an existing shared parameter file I need to work with it.

Hi Jeff,

Read this posts see if it helps. http://dynamobim.com/forums/topic/write-shared-parameter-to-multipule-categories/



Thanks Kulkul. I had looked at those two. I want to be able to just use the shared parameter file I already have attached to my Revit in order to add them. The project has schedules and tags already created. The node that Konrad has (from what I understand) will add the parameter to the file and to the shared parameters file but I need to use the one that already exist in the file.

I went down the road of just recreating the parameters in the shared parameter file. So I am using the node from Konrad and I can get it to work inserting my list of parameters as instance but not as type. I am sure I am just missing something simple. Also if some has a better idea on how to organize my options in the excel file I am all ears. At the moment I have each category on a separated tab with different columns for my variables on each tab (parameter name, visible, instance).








I have been able to get this only to work one parameter at a time. It seems that if you try and insert them as a type vs an instance it will not take a list.

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