Bug or what? Element ID

If I get ID parameter get number but if I show all parameter ID element is nothing.

The element is in Revit project can find with ID element but can’t see in project…not visible.

i had almost the same problem yesterday
restart helped form me

i think that it is because in youre case there are more elements then one

only one…? can’t get more information from several items?

in you’re last watch node you have put in a lot of elements with different id’s thats why that after
20 Element ID : nothing

when the element is not visible in project that can have a lot of reasons
try a 3d view in wireframe a al visible

Now it works…but only 4 points and generated in revit…but in parameter list is not element ID…

What do you want to create in revit?
What do you want to know about you’re elements? Id? or?
can you post a overal picture of you’re dynamo file?

Need to create ceramic tiles in room…ceramic tiles is generic model hosted as wall…dont need as wall…

please post a picture of you’re dynamo file or the file

this is a very simple file to create a generic model in a revit drawing:

fiala.dyn (39.3 KB)

thx…but IF you have family that can be have host only wall it will be created with dynamo …but in revit will be nothing if I use your dyn file

I need create family type(only host wall) in project