Dynamo Revit element doesn't show in Revit

when I model an element inside dynamo it doesn’t show in revit

At the bottom of the wall by curve node you can see the element ID in green if I am correct.
What happens if you click on the ID?
Dynamo should find a view where the wall is visible

It say " no good view could be found "

Is the view depth correct?
Are there any filters or worksets that might cause the wall to be invisible?
You could try a 3d view to better locate where the wall actually is

I tried 3d and all I found is this line

That narrows it down a bit I guess…

Unfortunately I have no experience with placing walls by curves so I think you will have to wait for someone else to read your topic.

I am just guessing here but are you sure that line is created by dynamo?
I can see your 3D view has a structural discipline and a generic 300mm wall isn’t a structural wall by default if I am correct.

Can you change your discipline to architectural and see if that makes your wall visible?

Thank you,
I Changed the discipline to coordination and found the wall

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