Adding in phases to elements stopped working

So I have this dynamo file that worked and still works in Revit 2019 but when I run it in Revit 2020 it throws errors. can anyone help me out.

The error is
Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
The parameter’s storage type is not a string.

1 Run on Source File.dyn (89.2 KB)

SourceElementId appears to be a custom parameter - we know from what you’ve told us that the parameter’s storage type isn’t a string, but we don’t know what type it is in your 2020 model, nor do we have the model to check with. Could be an number, an integer, an element… only those with model access can confirm.

it is the same file and parameter just upgraded to revit 2020

It may be that you’re grabbing a different element type then - there are new categories in 2020 then there were in 2019. Can you post an RVT with just one element in it and nothing else which the dyn should select?

i just opened Revit and drew some walls and a door and demoed one of the walls. ran the script and bam worked perfect on the 2019 file. then I opened the same file and ran it and it errored. I wonder what changed in the 2020 revit progran

OK getting somewhere looks like it creates it different parameter in Revit

2019 compared to Revit 2020

OK fixed it for some reason when I open some of the dynamo files from 2019 to 2020 it changes some of the parameters. Ugh for this one it changed the select Parameter type to structural.

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