Broken Node

Hi Guys,

Good day, please see attached image for a broken node on the script that I am trying to run.
Any help?
I tried everything to sort this out by adding the related packages that I could possibly
think that applies, but no success at the moment. The only thing that I could think of
is might be a python script that is not added when I am installing the packages.

Thank you,error%20node

I bet that’s from a very old package based on the name. Update to the latest Archi-lab package for a working node. @Konrad_K_Sobon

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Hi Sean,

Thanks for a quick response, how can I uninstalled the old packages?
what will be the correct node that works same function as this old node?

Use the Package manager in Dynamo and install Archi-Lab, with the newest version applicable to your setup. I think it’s missing so no need to uninstall.

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