Unresolved nodes in archi-lab package - view and viewfilter related

Hello everyone,

I have a small concern about nodes.

I built a dynamo to create filters on a view using elements from the archi-lab package.

Yesterday the dynamo was functional. arriving this morning, surprise, some node are unresolved.

Have you ever had this problem ? If so, how did you solve it?

My config :
Revit 2018
Dynamo 1.3.2
Archi-lab package 2018.08

Thank you !

French Guy

you may check package location path from Setting > Manage Node And Package Path, or maybe you have update version of archi-lab,
in anyway bring them again from archi-lab , i believe it’s something may never back again


I downloaded the latest version of archi-lab and checked the path.

I was able to bring back a number of nodes, it just has the ViewCreateRule and ViewFilter.CreateFilter nodes are always unresolved.

try the ones from built-in dynamo Nodes, from Revit>Filter> FilterRule & ParameterFilterElement
i think i will give same results

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Looks like a deprecated package issue. Also can you send a screenshot of your node and package paths dialog box?

do you have clockwork installed?

when i hade first install clockwork and then install archilab some clockwork node also are not working any more
and when i first install archilab and then clockwork clockwork node are working well
it also happend today

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@khuzaimah.ElecEng , i use FilterRule and ParameterFilterElement , It work !
Atter Reseach, it seem that Revit API Change recently and oblige to remove some nodes (View) of the Archi-lab package.

@Nico_Stegeman, i follow your advice, the node View.SetFilterOverrides run again !

Capture below :

Thank you for your help !

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So these nodes are actually from my package called Archi-lab. Yes, they were deprecated since there are nodes in the OOTB (out of the box) Dynamo that do the same thing now. I would have advised you to use the ones that ship with Dynamo.