bimorphNodes imported categories lines property change

I am trying to change imported categories lines property using Revit2020 and bimorhpNodes 4.1.2.
I have the following error symptoms:
Weight and color don’t work.

The problem in both cases is a failure to provide the required inputs.

With your Color.Red node:

  1. Its unresolved (it has no color input).
  2. The node does not return the required type (Color) to satisfy the color input of the BimorphNode.

To resolve, remove your Color.Red node and input a color into the BimorphNode.

With line weight the problem is you haven’t satisfied all the required inputs into the BimorphNode; you need to input a color as well.

If the top of any node is light grey it means its unresolved / hasn’t executed. The basics of Dynamo are explained in the Dynamo primer.

Thank you.
What I was worried about has been resolved.
It was a layer change to be applied in the drafting view.
Linked dwg files organized in layers 1 to 9.
It is for the work of changing the thickness and color of the head.

importlnstance_layer_change.dyn (112.2 KB)