bimorph.GetScheduleData schedule name

I have a few sheets with multiple schedules (up to 7). I can export all schedules to Excel file in one go using bimorph node. What I’m missing is a schedule name - sort of.

Is there another way to add schedule name as a additional row to exported data when using bimorph node ? It looks OK in Dynamo, but it doesn’t export correctly to Excel.
I can’t name a respective worksheet tabs as they simply brake the Excel’s rules - max length, characters, etc.

Have you tried usingList.AddItemsToFront node?

Hi, It works - just like adding item to the end - but if mulitple schedules are on sheet only one is saved in Excel file but multiple times.
The only workaround I’ve found is to create and add an additional list with schedule names that is saved as a next excel tab. Another thing I’ve found that extra List.Create is necessary.