Bearer - Element Faces gives Error when placing family

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I´ve got a problem with the “Element.Faces” command and some bearings with round openings.

Element.Faces works fine until I place a family in it with round openings.

Everything works fine if there is no / if there are rectangular openings in the bearing. Seems that the bearing is not able to “work with” the round opening.

Does anyone know a workaround for such a case?

I need the exact faces of the bearing to place another familyinstance by face. For this reason I don´t just need the geometry.

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Element.Geometry into Geometry.Explode may work as an alternative.

Unfortunately Element.Geometry gives the same Error as the Element.Faces Node when the round opening is placed in the bearing.

Can you upload a sample rvt with one instance that recreates the issue?

Unfortunately I´m not allowed to send the files publicly, because they are owned by the company I work for. I sent you a private message with the files :slight_smile:

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Reviewing the privately sent file, you are using an ellipse as your opening, not a circle. Ellipses do not translate well between Revit and Dynamo. Swap the extrusion for a proper circle and you should be fine.