Springs Family Instance By Face Points

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to replace MEP openings(generic model) with another familiy (face based + void).
I use the Spring.FamilyInstance.ByFacePoint from the Spring package. However, It doesn’t work when the element is a column or beam.
Is it normal?

Thank you in advance.

You can’t cut columns and beams with voids in Revit. I guess the family is placed, it just doesn’t cut the columns and beams. Can you check if it’s placed at all, and try with another family?


I received a family representing the openings from the MEP engineer. They use a mechanical equipment generic family (in orange in the image).
What I am trying to do is use the position of this family to replace it with a face based generic family.
The workflow is as follows.
1-Take the MEP family position (in orange in the image) selecting the orange elements.
2- Recreate an instance with my own face based family selecting the host face.
That works for the slab and wall but not for the beams and columns.

Can you try your script with another family? One without a void, if it’s placed at all. To rule out if it’s a problem with the family.

Beams and columns work a bit differently in Revit, because their geometry is not visible in all detail levels.

Can you share both families? I still guess it’s not a problem with Dynamo or springs but with Revit.

Hello @infeeeee ,

I’m afraid the problem isn’t the families as I’ve tried the same families in other positions and it works (except the beams, even the outofthebox families).
The problem is in the node as it is giving me null values without warnings.

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