Beam along curves form imported DWG

Hi all,
I have a dwg file with a ring made of many lines( straight but not on a plane).
I would like to use these lines to generate beams.
Roof-Box-ring-beam Wireframe.dwg (1.7 MB)

Any help?

thanks in advance

Hi @simoneavellini
try putting an “element.geometry” node between the "select model element " and “structuralframing.beambycurve” nodes

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HI Mostafa,
thanks for the prompt reply, tried but got an other error.


Try adding a “ToNurbsCurve” node after “Element.Geometry”

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Not yet

I should have asked you to show the output of element geometry earlier… :slight_smile:

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It worked!
but now I got these bad guys here…


I’m pretty sure that’s an issue with the beam family …

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it appears the beams are all joining. You can unjoin all beam elements with StructuralFraming.DisallowJoins from the package manager.

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I tried with standard RHS/UB sections and it gives this error. It works whit RC sections…I dont know why actually

I also tried the StructuralFraming.DisallowJoins but with no luck…Thanks Tom

Interesting. When I try it with an American W shape it works fine.

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Looking at this a bit closer it looks like it Revit is looking at the straight segments and trying to extend either the extend the Start or End Extension value of the beam. I am unsure if Dynamo could fix this, but probably could. It wouldn’t take that long to fix it in 3D . . . .

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