Structural Framing Beam By Curve Operation Failed

I would like to create a Bridge superstructure in revit structural project using excel for point co-ordinates and Dynamo node “StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve”. But its showing operation failed and could not create the family instance from “Superstructure” and “Cable160mm” structural framing type famiy that i created . I have tried with other default revit structural framing family, the node works fine. Here attached the revit family files
Superstructure.rfa (416 KB)
Cable 160 mm.rfa (280 KB)

My experience with both Revit and Dynamo is new, learning through the study project. Probably the trouble is in my revit family geometry rather than in Dynamo. Any suggestion would help me to understand the wrong in my work and learn better.

Could you let us know what the quote says about the error(yellow comment icon above the node).

It all seems to be linked fine but i would suggest you check your units because if you have used 1m as the units within dynamo/excel but revit could be using mm. Therefore there is a 1000mm difference and then you will be required to scale up the dynamo values and this could be causing revit to give you a error that it cannot create the geometry.

Also you have to make sure the family type is a structural framing family type.

Hi Brendan,

Here is the error showing in yellow icon. I have set the units in m both in revit family and project before run the Dynamo. Also the created family i have saved under structural framing family type. But it shows operation failed.

The following error also i get running the “Superstructure” family after trying with revit default structural framing family through Dynamo.


Are you looking to place “Superstructure” Family? Then you can look at “FamilyInstance.ByPoint”.

Hi Kulkul,
I would like to create the geometry as the concept of the tutorial i attached here.

I have tried according to your suggestion “FamilyInstance.ByPoint” and also tried with single point adaptive component.But If the points are in a curved path, the distance between points are close and at unequal position (X,Y,Z values read from Excel) the geometry created by family instance are overlapped and troubles with perpendicular orientation.The geometry is not created what i am expecting like the tutorial.