Batch Override Lineweights for Interior Elevation Boundaries

The only way to ‘thicken’ the boundaries of the linework for interior elevation boundaries is the manually override the elements in the view.

We have hundreds of elevations and going through each one is not feasible.

Would it be possible to use Dynamo to batch override the line thickness for many interior elevations views (likely by type) so it doesn’t have to be done one at a time?

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Are you talking about the crop? There’s a workflow out there someplace to do this in Dynamo, if so. Google is your friend.

Recently I demonstrated this here

And the specific node you want is Rhythm.OverrideInteriorCrop, (discussed here)

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I really like this but I wonder if modifying the crop boundary to be non-rectangular is the best approach. It’s slow to edit, sloe to update, and takes longer to regenerate.

I have preferred to crop a little larger than the view and use Masking Regions to mask out the outer portion of the elevation. It allows for the darker line everyone wants, is fast to edit (and since I can grip edit the MR it makes small changes to bounding walls a lot easier), and keeps Revit nimble. But, it takes a while to manage.

Maybe I’ll try the modified crop again. Or, better yet, figure out if I can make Dynamo draw the MR for me!

@Greg_McDowell what?? This is not modifying the shape of the crop region at all. This is overriding the line-weight. The thing that OP was complain about doing manually.

Your comment does not apply to my workflow at all.

Well…it does considering to get the non-rectangular crops you had to modify the crop boundary. It’s a little off topic maybe but I wouldn’t say it doesn’t apply at all…

Maybe I’m too used to RFo where conversations go off the rails quickly. New forum, new rules.

Thanks so much for the helpful response. I’ll check it out and follow up if I have any questions. Appreciate ya!

Appreciate the advice, but with 100s of elevations, I’m trying to avoid manual process.

Hey if people want to modify their crop regions, that’s on their end. My workflow doesn’t require this or even suggest it. This comment just felt misleading to me. :grin:

On another note you should be able to automate your masking regions as well.

All of us.

You still have to modify the crop at some point, even if it’s just to get it exactly on the finish of the bounding elements. In my experience, Revit almost gets it right the first time but then the design changes and the point is moot. So, what I’m trying to find, is the best solution long term and so far, for me, editing the crop is a ton of work.

Just my meager $.02 Glad John chimed in to show you the way!

Yeah, I get that. Didn’t mean to derail the conversation… I live, I learn! Later.

I’m having a problem getting the rhythm node to respond. I’ve entered an integer value (1-16) to control the lineweight as well as my ‘true’ boolean node, but it won’t update any of my views in my model. in fact, it isn’t showing in my “undo” list that my dynamo script has done anything. I’m on Dyn 1.2.1 and Revit 2017.2 if that would matter?

I have feeling that its not recognizing the element ID of my view boundary properly.

What type of view are you trying to run it on? Did you put a string for the names to search for?

Interior views. I noticed the default string was searching for ‘interior’. I tried a code block as well looking for other search input. I’m uninstalling 1.2.1 and reinstalling 1.2.0 to see if that is part of the issue.

1.2.1 should work. Are you able to share small sample files?

Yes, I am. Best method to do so?
Thanks for your help.

You can send it through google drive, dropbox, wetransfer. Whatever you want. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the offer of help, but I think I have it figured out. Uninstalling / reinstalling Dynamo seemed to have worked, I think for some reason I had the 1.2.0 Core, and 1.2.1 Dynamo that was causing conflict.

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@john_pierson I just downloaded Rhythm 2018.1.17 and do not see the OverrideInteriorCrop node in the package. Is this still available?


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