Batch Override Lineweights for Interior Elevation Boundaries


Thanks! I wasn’t thinking the term “section” but see where you were going with it.


Hi John,
I just watched one of your webinars. Great work! At first I was struggling with where to find the rhythm.overrideinteriorcrop node and ended up here in the forum where I now see the viewsection.overridecrop and version2 nodes. Could you please explain to me how I might select all the interior elevations on a sheet using these new nodes like you did with the rhythm.overrideinteriorcrop node in your webinar? Thanks!



Thanks for sharing. Do you happen to know a way to “Get all the viewports and views” in an entire project set rather than by individual sheet? I’m still searching for how to do this and haven’t found anything yet.



I ran this yesterday and had all my interior elevations turn out as expected. I was able to adjust the crop boundary as needed. However, this morning I added some new interior elevations and I’m not getting the override on the crop boundary lineweight. What am I missing?