Batch Create Filled Region

In the concept design or schematic design state, we usually use many Filled Region to present our space, room, road, area plan, landscape, etc. And use an excel sheet to manage and manually create them in Revit.
So I create this DYN to automate it. For 2018, and 2019 later.!

I can’t upload the DYN so far. Here is the download link.

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Hello, thanks for sharing, can you share your excel file (or an example) to fully understand? Thank you

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The link and how I transfer the RGB color to decimal that Revit accept as a color code.
Somehow I need to change the order RGB to BRG to get the right color. Most of the color works, but some of them are bugged, I still cannot find a way to fix it.

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thank you very much, i will study your script.

Try to recover your RGV from your excel, then convert them directly into dynamo with the ꟿ Color.ToDecimal node


It would be much easier with the FilledRegion Properties Change node that use RGB colors :