Batch adding text parameters to Mechanical Equipment families for equipment scheduling in REVIT 2019

I am very new to dynamo (started yesterday). I am trying to create a dynamo file to add multiple text parameters to a mechanical equipment family for scheduling equipment in REVIT 2019. There are several families I need to add multiple texts parameters to so doing each one individually would almost not be worth the time. I have a shared parameters (text document) with all the parameters needed for all the equipment. Each equipment family will use different parameters so I will have to have a file for each family. I have read several related post but I cant seem to grasp the concept. Also, a lot of the solutions are using nodes I do not have. Any help will be appreciated. I apologize in advance for for my limited knowledge in this subject.

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This is a very complex workflow for a new user. My advice is always to begin with the basics before you tackle a full workflow… then use this as your ‘rite of passage’ to truly enter the world of Dynamo.

Still I offer some pointers:
Shared parameters can be added in a workflow similar to this:

Adding them to multiple files is far more challenging however… it requires a lot of excel data processing and use of the Orchid package. Check out this post where I showed a user how to open families in the background for parameter adjustment: Creating Family Types in Revit

I recommend as a new user however you focus on some fundamentals first;

  • Get/set element parameters
  • Family instance vs. type to Dynamo elements
  • Process excel tables
  • Manage lists, sublists and transpose/mapping data

The Dynamo primer has some great starting points for all of these.

Don’t rush!

You are the man! The video you shared lead me to right was I was trying to accomplish. Thank you very much for the help!

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You’re welcome, I’m glad it helped!

Thank you for the nice videau, I made it.
But when it runs it gives the the error: Warning: Document.AddSharedParamsToFamily operation failed.
Error in readParamDatabase
(I do work in Revit2020 and Dynamo 2.1)
have you heared from this before?

I have not seen that before. Make sure you have the shared parameters that you are adding top your family in your shared parameters on that project. It can only assign parameters to a family that are already in the project.