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Hi, I need to filter the walls from the AllElementsOfCategory(Walls) to get only the BasicWalls and exclude the CurtainWalls. Using the RevitAPI I would use the Kind parameter of the WallType, I tried to use an easier approach with the basic nodes in Dynamo, but I found out something weird: GetParameterValueByName gets me the same value both for the Family (“Famiglia”) and the Family and Type (“Famiglia e tipo”), instead the Family Name and the Type Name are blanck.
I attach a screenshot below. My idea is to check the Family Name and find all the “Basic Wall” (“Muro di base”) values but it’s not working (I use Revit ITA).
Is there something wrong on my approach? How can I solve using the standard nodes? I can write a custom function, but I’d like to solve in a standard way too.
WallFilter - issue|690x437

try this


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You can also try filtering by a parameter the curtain walls has that the other walls hasn’t like “Angle” in the grids

Thanks for the answers. I think that looking at the walltype kind is the most safe and stable way, so I looked at other nodes and found out a specific node in Clockwork doing the job.

I will have a look at the standard nodes because the GetParameterValueByName or the Parameter.Value returns a different value for the Family than the Element.Parameters (see the screenshot).

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