Baseline.Region startstation skipped

Hey guys, quite new to Dynamo and this forum, however I couldn’t find a related post on this Issue, apologies if I missed it.

The question is regarding the Baseline.PointsByLinkCodeAtNearestStation node. When I loop through the LinkCodes I get an empty list on the first station of the next Region when:

  1. the LinkCode is not applied in the previous Region, and
  2. the Region is not the first Baseline.Region.

I am trying to create CorridorSolids by lofting between Polycurves (and thicken in the end).

On the side:
3. Is it possible to create a 0 thick solid (in Autocad it is, however I seem to get an error on the Dynamo surface -> Autocad geometry)

The script is based on an AU2019 script by Andrew Milford.

@geert.drijfhout welcome to the forum.
there is nothing you can do about it, this is how the Civil 3D API is designed.
You need to change the way you build the corridor: if two regions are contiguous and they have different assemblies, the first station of the region that follows will report the content of the last station of the region that precedes (therefore in your case is empty).
If the regions have a gap this issues does not occur.
My recommendation is to create a separate baseline per assembly.

In general is a bad idea to loft profiles all together because of how splines work.
You can do it only if you are absolutely certain that the cross-sections you loft will generate surfaces with the correct curvature (e.g. you might need to group the cross-sections).

Not all the geometry types are currently supported during the conversion from Dynamo to AutoCAD, you can export the geometry to SAT and import it back via AutoCAD (this is what is happening with the Object.ByGeometry() node for the solids).

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Thanks a lot for the quick reply and explanation. I should have mentioned the workflow: at the moment we work with C3D modelling and interaction with third parties through (amongst other) plain solids/bodies. The workflow is:

Modeling dwg -> ExportCorridorToSolids in Export dwg on transaction date. Also we export to SHP, plan views, sections as csv, all manual actions throug differ tools but those are off topic for the moment.

By the way: we looked into DataReferencing and dynamic Solids from corridor but ran into unexplanatory broken links over time, potentially due to Vault integration. This was really the ideal way of working but because of the reliability not an option.

We want to speed up/automate the process by ‘suppressing’ the wizzard (exportcorridortosolids). I was looking into the acad side but couldn’t find a way to avoid the wizzard dialog. Then I ran into the script from Andrew in which one uses Dynamo for extraction as wel as insertion in AutoCAD. Benefit is that I don’t have to know the exact code of the shape/link since now I can use wildcards to include and exclude! I am still working on a way to export to a different drawing however.

Any comments on the workflow are very welcome. Thanx in advance and I’ll repost if I find an easy workaround to include first section. I’m thinking of inserting a manual corridorSection within short range of the region start station.

@geert.drijfhout if you don’t have the subassembly adding a station is going to fail. It also introduces the need for regenerating a corridor which could be much more time consuming.

Assuming this is not a problem for you you could use CivilConnection for this workflow as it supports multiple documents in Civil 3D natively (you need to integrate Revit in the mix only to take advantage of CivilConnection).

Dynamo for Civil 3D is currently designed to support one document at the time only.

This is if you are looking for a ready made solution that can work for you.

Otherwise you can replicate the writeblock command on the solids to a new database via API / Python

Thanks again Paolo, we expect every designer to have access to all the required assemblies. After all the aim is to automate and speed up. We will definitely see if it helps at all before implementing in the current workflow.

We will look into both options, Revit as well as Writeblock. I am not that quick yet so posting the results might take some time. Thanks for now!