Renaming Views Bakery


Im using the Bakery Duplicate Views function which is now working properly.
But, next I want to rename them from an excel file instead of producing “name - Copy 1, name - Copy 2” etc.
I have another excel file that i want to pull the names from but its only renaming the originals, not the new duplications (named - copy 1,2,3, etc.).

What would like to rename to instead of copy. Can you show an example.

Something along these lines.
Eventually more but this would be a good start.

There is an issue with Bakery package view Duplicate. It Duplicates but creates only one element id. I suggest you use “View.Duplicate” from clockwork package it works fine. See below.

This seems like it would work if i could pick which views i want to duplicate.
I want to duplicate multiple views multiple times and rename them just as you have done except in my project there are over 50 existing views.
I would like to do exactly what you have done to only about 5-10 applied views.
Is there some way to filter or specify which ones i want?

Be more specific which ones you want? Drop some screenshots or files.

For example I want to be able to control which floor plans i want to duplicate.
Sometimes I want to only do first and second floor plans (ones beginning with 1 - and 2 -) and I never want to duplicate HVAC Loads or Architectural.

Also, i have it set up exactly as you do and it says “The name entered is already in use. Enter a unique name.”