Automating Wall Tiles

After going through few tutorials on automating wall finishes/tiles I thought of trying it myself, but for multiple levels. Everything is fine till i am doing it for a single level but things get complex once I try to implement it on multiple levels. I will try to explain the problem here:

  1. I have 33 rooms and thus 33 roomcurves, each of these rooms give me the level they are in and thus 33 Level data(Note: I just have 5 unique levels, multiple rooms on same level).
  2. Now, when I run the nodes(jpg attached) it gives me ONLY 33 walls. Mayble it’s lacing or something. But what I want is that with just one run all the wall tiles on all the levels to be done.


Can some genius help me out?


Nodes_WallFinish RoomSchedule_WallFinish WallCurves_WallFinish Walls_WallFinish

Hi Abhijeet,

Connect your list.flatten node with “Curve.ApproximateWithArcAndLineSegments” node and also make sure you set your lacing to cross product for “Wall.ByCurveAndHeight”.See below example. Good Luck!


Thanks Kulkul,

It solved my problem. But cross product didn’t work for me, had to use longest because even my wall input was a list.

One more question, right now these walls are created using centre line, can I create them using finish faces?


Again, thanks a lot :slight_smile: