Unable to create multiple walls using Wall.ByCurveAndHeight


I’m trying to create a set of walls using the Wall.ByCurveAndHeight function in Dynamo, but it seems to only create one instance at a time. I’m inputting a list of curves, but it only models the first one (if I input any one of the curves it draws that successfully, so it isn’t the curves that are the issue)

Anyone able to explain the probably blindingly obvious error? (should also note, in case it is relevant, that I tried putting in a list for the heights as well)

Hi @liam.bry

Right click on Wall.ByCurveAndHeight node change lacing to longest.


What @Kulkul said. Right clicking the node lets you access its lacing. Because your height and other input variables are only a single value and lacing is default set to shortest, the node will only create one wall because the shortest input is only 1 element. Longest will set the node to keep reusing the last element in the shorter lists until the node goes through the longest list, which is what you want.

You can read more on lacing in the Primer here:
Scroll down to Lacing.

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Thanks @kennyb6 and @Kulkul. That’s fixed it…
Didn’t even think to check that because my height was (to start with) a list, but obvs the levels etc weren’t… Thank you!

@liam.bry Mark the post as solved. You’re welcome!