Automatically place family instance on pipe face

I’ve created a face-based family that denotes what direction a pipe is sloping. I would ultimately like to place the family on the side of the pipe it correlates to. I’ve attached photos of my script. The other photo shows that the script is only placing the family on the ground right below the pipe. How would I make the family automatically stick to the pipe?


Can you provide the source RVT, including the family to place, and the dyn as you currently have it? More likely to get some headway with all those files.

SD2.rfa (348 KB)

PIPE SLOPE TAG.dyn (24.8 KB)

I was able to get the family to automatically attach to the face of the pipe, but now I am having trouble being able to automatically have the family find the correct side to sit on.I’ve attached the family and my script.

Thanks. I can’t promise anything as AU has me scrambling, but I’ll try and take a look at it tonight.

awesome thank you

bump again. I was able to get it to stick to the pipe but the direction of the pipe causes the family to be oriented in all different ways