Place line based family based on pipe center line

Hey all. :slight_smile:
I’m trying to place a line based family, based on the center lines from pipes. The problem is that pipes have slopes, and i can’t figure out how to transfer that information to the line based family. Does anyone have som ideas on how i can do this?? :slight_smile:

The target is to make a family there follow the pipes, like the insulation tool, but it can’t be the insulation tool.


How is your family setup this should take care of it depending on if your line based family is configured such that it will adapt to the correct curve

My family just lay on the selected level, i want to follow the line, is that possible??

It is but will depend on how your family was created. It appears the node in question does not force the end point or start point to be on the same z coordinates. the seem to host to the give “Level” Plane hence why I am setting the offset level to achieve this. start point match. I’m on the road today but you can check if there is a parameter to be set via the node Element.Parameter for you line based family that is an OOTB parameter you might be able to set. Other options maybe using a Transform or Rotate and doing some vector math to get the angle needed. Last method is editing your family to have a dimension for the endpoint that can be set via some math to drive it to match End Point Elevation of the pipe

I found a solution, based on an adaptive family instead. Thanks :smiley:

There you go that’s definitely the node to place it