General question about Dynamo Player vs. custom packages

General use question for Dynamo Player here:
I’m working on a Dynamo graph that can be used in Dynamo Player by general Revit users in my firm that have no Dynamo training. The graph is just a simple tool for Revit users to easily adjust some lineweight / print settings across an entire project via Dynamo Player.
If I add a node from a custom package to the graph, does that then necessitate that anyone running the graph in Dynamo Player have the custom package installed on their own workstation?
Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


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bummer. but thank you for confirming.

Also, I reread the question and wanted to point out that you could have your users mapped to a network share with the custom packages as well. Available under “Manage Node and Package Paths”. With this option, I have seen mixed results though. (Primarily consisting of failures)

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Put me in the list of users who had success with this in the past. Your server configuration is a requirement. The ‘robo-copy’ method pushing all updated packages to all users on log-in is likely the best method for long term stability (laptops run graphs fine without network connections).

Yeah, the robo copy is great. The map to network = :poop: .

OMG @john_pierson just poo emojied me! :rofl:

Seriously though, in the right environment even a combination of the two runs fine (yep I have seen offices go there).

In the end it’s up to you to make the decision that’s best for your users based on your environment.

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When the release notes have a “known issue” like this:

I simply cannot suggest this as a valid solution for anyone. :nail_care: How many people have a network drive smaller than 100gb?!

Partitioned droves can be any size. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though - the point is it’s an option, worked very well for me for awhile, and for some people it may be the best option, depending on their environment. I do get where you’re coming from though.