Report wall layer material in a tag

Hi, I am new to dynamo and was wondering if it was possible to report a wall layer material to a parameter that can be tagged. I made a multi category tag and custom parameters for materials. I was not able to tag the layer materials so I made the custom parameters. Is there a way to link the wall layers to my custom parameters or is there another way to tag the wall layer materials from the wall type?


You might be better off creating parts from the walls, and tagging those with a real material tag. This will keep the values up to date where as the parameter isn’t live.

You could create a graph that reads the values of the materials and writes them to the tags, but without seeing what you’ve got this is a bit of a guessing game on that end. Post a sample file and someone will help out as best we can.

With part tags is it possible to gang the tag together into one tag?. I am new to parts. My concept is that the custom parameters read the wall layer material so when you update the wall layer materials it updates everywhere. I have seen some threads where they have extracted the4 wall materials for other uses so I figure it should be able to do what I am looking for.


Ah. I read your question as “can I tag the material on a given layer” which can be hard to control without parts.

Post an example of what you’re after, and the file to produce said info and I’ll see what I can come up with.

WALL material tagging.rvt (416 KB)

Here is a sample of the wall and tags I made. This is the format this architect wants to use. Currently it is manual text. This tag works the way I want. I would like to link the actual layers in the wall to the parameters I made.,

What would you do when you have a wall with 11 layers?

I don’t love this method, but it’s certainly doable.

However, instead of tracking materials I would track either their names or their marks in a single string, with new lines in between each value (the old alt + enter trick in excel). It’s pretty easy to write a graph that pulls the materials from the layer via Dynamo. This will be easier to edit, manage, and control over the life of the project. A lot faster to set the values as well.

Look into the clockwork package for the Compound Layer Structure node. From there it’s just pulling the values (either name or mark) from the materials with an Element.GetParameterValueByName node, and setting those values (and any other data you’d like to add) to a single ‘material assembly’ parameter with an "Element.SetParameterByName node.

Give it a shot and see where you get, as this is a pretty good ‘starter’ graph.

Thanks, that is way over my head. I am just starting my first tutorials with dynamo.
I have no idea how to do what you suggest but I am wanting to learn.