Automatic road creation: How to generate solid between section profiles?

Thank you really for this nice answer :relaxed:. I have read somewhere that DirectShapes could give better results in family files. I will give it a try…

Update: This should work (just to mention it, Springs.DirectShape.ByGeometry is from spring nodes):

Hi Jessica, I am so glad it worked!
Would you be able to share the final script, so I can give it a try as well?
Good luck!

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The best would be to build it by yourself to fully understand the process (and also how long it takes) :slight_smile:

Here is how I did it finally:

I had to change the splitting node because the OOTB one gave strange results. This one is from the Ampersand package. I also used Springs.Form.ByGeometry because it’s a simple way to import what is called FreeForms but there are less options than with DirectShapes. If needed, this could be discussed specifically in another topic (this one is already very long and was mainly resolved at posts 39/40). If all is clear for you, please mark the thread as solved so that we can close it.
Thanks for all, that was a very interesting challenge :relaxed:

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Hi @Francisco_Farias,
thank you for your nice words.
@Yna_Db is right. For me it was a big help to re-build the script on my own, because only then I understood what’s going on… :wink:
Anyhow, if you don’t want to re-built it on your own, just let me know, then I will offer you the file of course. :slight_smile:
Best regards,

Again thank you thank you thank you @Yna_Db.
I will mark this comment as solved.
From my side, all is clear at the Moment.
But maybe new questions will arise later… :wink:
Wish you all a nice Weekend and really thank you so much to all of you!!!
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Perfect! This topic is solved and must be closed, otherwise its length will make it non-understandable. Please open a new one for further issues, where it will always be possible (and recommended) to integrate links to something unclear or incomplete here. Many thanks :slight_smile:

Yes. Definitely.
Thank you!

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I am going to go a head close this.