C3D Road Pavement Model

HI Everyone,
I am tasked with creating a solid road model from a number of 3d polylines in civil 3d.
Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way of achieving this?

I’d love to use dynamo to attach a surface to each 3d poly at the sides of the road and have it follow them, like a solid profile sweep in revit- but this does not appear to be possible as the lines are moving up and down and left and right, so the regular sweep and loft commands don’t work.

I’m also thinking of exporting coordinates from all the lines then use the coordinates to create adaptive component shapes…but I’m hoping there’s a easier way?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Gerald.Lockard , civil 3d generates solids with cooridors and assemblies. This 3dPolylines can be a target in a subassembly and then the solid is generated automaticaly and dynamically.

Civil3d is thougt to create roads, with aligments, profiles, assemblies and extra information like targets, superelevations etc. Then you can extract solids fromthe corridors and add property sets to this solids as you do in revit.