Automatic dimension in 3D view

Dear All,

I really need your help to be able to make automatic dimension in 3D view for piping as i am working on piping projects and we want to create isometric view with dimensions and information for the piping, i tried with different options from Dynamo but i failed and dont know how to create the script.

i started to convert the pipe to start and end points then place point family on those point to read dimensions between them but its failed. can you help?

Hi @eng.ahmedelshamy.bim,

Can you post an image of your attempts ?

Here is an example :

what i did is first:
1- create point family in revit placed on the start and end point of pipe.
2- tryining to use dimension by element to take dimension between every two reference revit point family in the 3d view.

the issue that its not working and i would like to have help on it, always i need dimension over the pipe only to create isometric piping 3D view.

Any update regarding to my inquiry:grinning::grinning:

were you able to solve the problem ?

Not yet i still didnt get any help or reply on this topic