Auto-Dimension 3D View

Hey, guys,
I want to automate the dimensions in isometric view (3D View Lock), my idea is to select the center of the element and the reference surface, automatically generating a dimension between the center of the element and the surface. Today I do this manually.

Has anyone tried something similar and can give me a way? I saw that dimension node works great in 2D view.

Thank you.

Hi @eduardoolimot

Next time be more specific and show your attempts.
What surface and what element are you talking about?

I developed in the Genius Loci package several nodes to dimension so it’s possible.
You do not need to lock the 3D view but you have to set the active SketchPlane.

Here are two examples :
Floor and wall surfaces to element :

Between two elements :



Sorry for not explaining more, but my idea is to create an image between the object and my surface, both marked in red in the photo. Correct all elements and a wooden surface generated as outer profile line lines.

I’ll test the ones you’ve sent.

Thank you.