Auto dimension question for MEP element

Hi everyone,

I am new to Dynamo and I am interested in learning it to resolve some time consuming work.

I am a MEP engineer and I usually need to spend much time on dimension all the pipes and ducts in the model so I have a idea that what if I can automatically create dimension for all the elements I need. I start some research and I found some useful topics in Forum like, [Quick Dimension Question](http://Quick Dimension Question), [Automatic dimensioning of (multiple) detail lines](http://Automatic dimensioning of (multiple) detail lines).

My work requires me to tag the pipes and ducts dimension based on closest detail line in the view like the screen shot here

Therefore, after read some of the topics I have the following thoughts about to realize the goal:

  1. Select all the pipe/duct elements and the detail line I need to use as a reference line
  2. Find the closest detail line for each pipe/duct
  3. Create the dimension between the pipe/duct and the closest detail line.

So far, I have achieved the step 2 and I am wondering how to realize the next step. From my knowledge I have the thought that I can create a perpendicular line between the pipe and the closest detail line and use the node " Dimension detail line" and I can have dimension for each element. However, I could not find a way to create a line only based on the two lists of elements. I will attach my dynamo script in the topic and I am welcome any suggestions and new thoughts!
AutoDimension.dyn (16.7 KB)


Did you get it? I have this same problem and I do not solve the final solution

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I also tried to solve this problem, But also having the same problem. Did anyone solved it? If solved please help us or share the picture or file of solution