Autodesk Dynamo Studio's "Customizer" functionality is coming to a close in 2019

Autodesk Dynamo Studio’s “Send to Web”, “Manage Web Workspaces”, and Customizer functionality will be discontinued on Jan 21, 2019.
The team at Autodesk is making changes to simplify our portfolio and workflows for people who make Dynamo scripts. As a result, we will be consolidating some of our web services that use Dynamo functionality.

Please read more about this change and steps you should take if you have relied on this functionality in the past.

Feedback? Please reply here or or send us a note if you have questions.

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@Zach_Kron - Is the a method to download all Workspaces in a single step? vs having to open and download each individually.

HI Mike,
Yes, the method is to open each and download, with the choices of STL and DYN files.